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“It’s as a result of rule 34,” John says – rule 34 being the internet rule that porn exists for every conceivable subject.

It results in stuff like this: “It appeals to some furs, but for me personally, not really.” Despite the sexual element not being a big part of his interest, being a furry has affected John’s love life.

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“I’ve been drawing wolves, dogs and werewolves since I was young,” she says. “I started posting it online and I came across a website called Furaffinty, which is the largest art website for the furry community. Some fursuit makers charge extra for parts such as teeth, and claws and different eyes. But if it you get quite fast at making them the profit is pretty good.” Amy’s own fursuit cost her £400 to make, but she makes her money back through commissioning suits for other furries, charging £400 for a head and £1,000 for a full costume.

“I started posting my art on there and after a couple of years I became interested in the costuming side of things. “It’s a great job to have as I get to be creative and no costume is the same,” she tells us.

That, and I just think horses are very beautiful, majestic and strong creatures.” The main reason John can hide his furry life is because he doesn’t wear a fursuit, the super expensive costumes furries wear.

“A good partial, arms, paws/hands, feet and a head will cost maybe around £500,” he tells us.

“Going to such a highly traditional university, having a society for furries isn’t really an option,” he says. “That sounds really weird, but it’s true.” John sees his “fursona” (what furries call the animal persona they adopt when they dress up) as an extension of himself.

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