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All errors will be returned as an XML document as specified in the XML API Error Document.When possible the text part of the message will be translated into the users configured language. The limit determines the maximum number of results returned.

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All dates in the API calls should be passed as ISO 8601 dates.

Multiple authentication methods are available, described in the next sections.

But it was a hige controversy in our family when this song was written about my cousin Lori Ross Dobbs. The J Geils Band had a great blues band and career before they hit it in the pop cicuit with this song and Freeze Frame, etc.

She was in fact a centerfold after high school, which in fact pissed my grandparents off as well as my grandmother's brother, Bill Ross... It was a huge Issue in the family and everything possible was done to cover up who the song was about. But my cousin Lori has always been a knockout, and still is to this very day. Many spins on the truth to deflect it, but the families know. I've searched everywhere for a Peter Wolf interview/explanation for the inspiration behind the lyrics to this song. I have heard many stories over the years, but no way to verify anything unless it comes from the author himself. I'm pretty sure this song was one of the first used as a video vehicle specifically for MTV as this network was new at the time of the song's release.

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