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"It'd add fuel to the fire — the high rise in HIV infections among Native Americans,” he said, arguing that intoxication can lower inhibitions and lead to unsafe sexual practices.

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Nelson and Yonnie suggest there's an innocence lost if a community goes after a stereotypical big city gay experience of apps and bars — that the intimacy of first romantic encounters could disappear.

Gay Navajo contemporary artist and graphic designer Jolene Yazzie (no relation to Jeremy), 35, spoke with Al Jazeera just after returning from a getaway to San Francisco, where she said she would have liked to meet someone. “It's just really hard to meet people.” Speaking with Al Jazeera at the Navajo Museum, where her art is being shown, Jolene Yazzie came with her sister, who has a husband and 5-year-old.

The man looking for a mate wasn't told that the contestants included both gay and straight men.

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“It's home-cooked food, and I wanted it to be somewhere a little dim,” Nelson said.

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