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Like perhaps they could have used that castle for some other purpose. It looked like she was wearing a tutu for a cape, with sequins on it and several layers of cloth.

Of course Josh started crying several times in frustration out there.

I think we can add medieval times to the list of eras that Josh would not survive.

Out of the three finalists, Josh was indeed the one I was pulling for, but what felt satisfying is the unity much of the fan base felt once everything was said and done.

It wasn't what we feared, and it was never what we expected, but at least the results felt like a cleansing of sorts, and maybe a map to locate the road to recovery. Her hair and makeup were on point, and she looked comfortable in what appeared to be a jumpsuit.

From what they said later on the live feeds, it sounds like the real challenge was due to having only 10 pieces of ammunition, so once you used your ten pieces, you had to go back down the stairs to gather the ammunition from the yard before trying again.

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