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Even if you are with a Georgian; they or their friends don’t care either (shouldn’t you care if someone – especially you are sleeping with – is uncomfortable or scared? It’s actually kind of disgusting to have such disrespect for women. The fact I’m single, I’m foreign, I have tattoos or just being born with a woman.

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It’s not exactly like Georgian guys invented this type of guy. How to describe some of my experiences – its best to give you a sense of what happens here. I was seeing a Georgian guy for a bit and while I was sleeping in his bed, I awoke to a hand caressing my breasts and heading further down.

It’s not uncommon at all for things, especially on Tinder, to escalate after only a couple of sentences to graphic sex comments. Thinking its the guy I’m seeing, that he wants to wake me up for some mid-evening delight, finishing drinking with his friends. I went out to find the guy I was seeing to alert him to the fact his friend was in the room.

Hans Guyt, a researcher at Terre des Hommes said they were taken aback by the scale of the problem.

Amongst these sexual predators, the charity traced and identified 1,000 men.

To be honest, Georgian men are on a strong “never again” list, but I’m willing to be proven wrong – maybe there one decent Georgian man out there (most likely they are already married)?

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