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But a bevy of new sites are looking to offer the granularity users are now craving. per month)Childhood friends and founders Brian Schechter and Aaron Schildkrout wanted to create a dating site that shifted the focus back to what’s really important -- the date.Here are five sites offering a fresh approach to finding “the one” online. The result is one of the fastest growing sites in the scene.Instead of worrying about fancy algorithms or flashy profiles, members make their mark by proposing dates starting with three simple words: “how about we…” Davis calls it truly innovative.

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“These big sites are necessary and they’re still great,” Davis told Fox

“But the niche sites that are popping up now are much more exciting because they’re giving you access to a much more select group of people.” Some, like JDate and Black Singles, have been around for years.

But at the end of the day, it is still undeniably a site to meet your next date," Davis told Fox That’s the idea behind Ignighter, which allows groups of friends to collaborate on a group profile. roots, Ignighter has become a huge hit in India where cultural restrictions inhibit traditional one-on-one dates. The startup launched at the Tech Crunch Disrupt conference in Sept.

The site then suggests a list of possible matches and helps arrange group outings. and is part of a new breed of mobile-centric dating apps. is attempting to bridge the gap between location-based gaming and romance," Davis said.

The Internet has solved everything from dinner reservations to apartment hunting.

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