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It's exactly what we need when it comes to responsive Web Components.

Our host, Delphix develops a suite of data management tools for large enterprises focused on Data Virtualization and Masking.

Our Data Virtualization Engine helps enterprises allow users to manage their own read-write copies of databases in a self-service environment, all without taking up additional space (think of it as version control for your database).

I’ve spent most of the day writing a new demo system for XMPP-FTW and despite it looking ugly as sin (I am no god with design) I’m quite pleased with how it works, so I thought I’d write up a little piece about it…

XMPP-FTW is a piece of code which is deigned to run near your XMPP server and perform on-the-fly translations between the XML of XMPP and the web-developer friendly world of JSON.

She is currently traveling from user group to user group in her 1977 Apache camper with her trusty sidekick, #toshmagosh.

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