Gta iv dating kate after she died

Cause you can't get out of the room til you off him, that's why.

It made me think about Bioshock, why didn't Francis ask me "Would you kindly kill the lawyer". It really seemed on rails at this point and totally out of my hands.

I haven't finished the whole game yet, but I'm not worried about spoilerz. There are no choices to make like this for a while.

The choice mechanic in this game weirds me out for some reason. What strikes me as strange is why aren't there more of these choices to be made.

The text message car deliver missions net good amounts of cash each one dropped off.

Also anyone done with the main quest, or atleast the kidnap part, stroll past her house again aster the ordeal? I've already finished the Vlad quest line so I had to check gamefaqs to see wtf you were talking about.

Revenge hands down, Dimitri had it coming for the longest time and oh man did it feel good to do him in.

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