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I always laugh when my doctor reminds me that, of all the depressive symptoms I have, guilt will probably be the last to leave me.”5. In “She told me to imagine myself driving a car along the highway.

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A 2012 study found that individuals with depression respond differently to guilt than people without depression.

According to the news article about the study: Investigators used f MRI to scan the brains of a group of people after remission from major depression for more than a year, and a control group who have never had depression.

I don’t think I have a particularly well-developed guilt gene – certainly not compared to some of my female friends, colleagues and family.

And yet, despite being a guilt slacker, yesterday I can think of a good 20 occasions when I felt guilty – from first thing in the morning when I pressed snooze on my alarm, to last thing in the evening when I didn’t bother to tidy up my bedroom (seriously, I’m 30, and I feel guilty about not tidying my bedroom – how ridiculous is that? The idea that women feel more guilt than men has become lazy journalism folklore – like how men can’t multitask and women can’t park a car. Psychologist Benjamin Voyer explains: “Guilt is what psychologists call an 'other-focused emotion' - that is an emotion that involves thinking about others.

I asked some female friends how often they felt guilty, and pretty much all of the said they feel guilty all the time. Meanwhile, another friend’s extensive list of things she feels guilty about includes not seeing her friends enough, which means she feels guilty every time she’s alone, because she feels like there’s someone she should be seeing.

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