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If she agrees to meet up for a drink, or lunch, ask her:“Are you sure you’re not going to kidnap me?

” OR, if the two of you have been getting on really well, you can take it a little further: “I don’t know if we should meet up…

Basically, any reasonably attractive woman who posts a personals ad in Craigslist W4M section is virtually guaranteed to receive 50-100 messages of guys sending selfies of their penises.

The same rule of thumb applies regardless of the platform you use.

Whenever you suggest meeting up, ALWAYS act like you’re still a little bit unsure of her.

You open up the window to having a real, genuine conversation and inviting her to share what is unique and interesting about her.

You also assess whether she’s someone that you TRULY want to talk with and possibly get to know based on something other than her LOOKS and the fact that she’s a woman.

You might also be interested in the “honey trick” taught by dating coach Jason Capital. A dinner is a bit too formal for a first meet-up, and adds too much unnecessary pressure.

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