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But if you’ve recently abandoned the idea of meeting someone IRL and are just just getting into the game of swiping left and right, how do you know where to start?

She's one of those sunshine-y, happy, positive people. He's been so brilliant in getting me through the tough times with my operation and everything else.

She's the perfect balance for me." His partner, Dave Myers, 58, who he first met 20 years ago and to whom he turned while he recuperated from the "horribly scary" brain haemorrhage and life-saving surgery, as well as during his marital difficulties is, he says, "happy I'm settled". I also had wonderful support from my ex-wife and the boys. I didn't have an epiphany moment, but you realise you have to have the courage to make different choices, some of which may be uncomfortable, and to evoke change if you need to evoke it." Perhaps unsurprisingly following the challenges he's faced personally and health-wise, he took his milestone 50th birthday last October in his stride.

He describes Myers as "my best friend and such a great mate". "Let's face it, I'm a very privileged, lucky man to have come through my health problem, so I was just chuffed to bloody bits to be here.

After all that's happened, I thought, 'Really, what more havoc can I cause than that? '" He's delighted about the new TV series because "it's cosy, fun and back to the basics of what Dave and I do best - an unashamedly 'chop and chat' show. We've had the most amazing opportunities doing the Bikers - going around the world four times, meeting amazing people and seeing amazing things", he enthuses.

"When we met again, our circumstances had changed (he and his wife Jane divorced last October) and it just kind of came together.

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