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The dog is unhappy with Harv and lets him free, sending Harv toward a brief career in real estate and a failed suicide attempt before he finally decides to follow his destiny and free the Dirt People.He purchases a beautiful Dirt People slave named Bettina, only to set her free, but Bettina, who is tougher than Harv, insists on accompanying him on his quest.

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They live on a fertile land full of crops and diamonds, but they’re only interested in harvesting dirt.

They use dirt for money, build their huts out a dirt, their kind has a crown made of dirt… The peaceful Dirt People are quickly conquered by the Skull People, an evil tribe, who burn down their village and kidnap all the Dirt People and either kill them or force them into slavery.

There is nothing but death and destruction.” Then she said, “But if you do go, I can get you a really good deal.” And she did. She led us to a darkened room in the back and lit a candle.

She pointed her long, crooked finger at Don and me and croaked, “Do not go on this trip. The Gift We had our plane tickets and were almost out the door when the crone said, “Wait, I want to give you two handsome men something very special.” She lowered the blinds and flipped the sign to Closed.

Here’s a conversation between Harv and another barbarian that contains a pretty solid Handey joke: The script also has some strong fell apart.

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