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Previously, Makamba had done similar work with President Mugabe's first wife, the late Amai Sally Mugabe.

The funds raised were used to build schools, orphanages, and old age homes, set up bursaries, establish development organisations, and implement rural electrification programmes.

However, a popular faceless Facebook user and self-proclaimed Zanu PF insider, Baba Jukwa, warned James Makamba against coming to Zimbabwe anytime soon over the rumours of his affair with the First Lady.

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Makamba exited the country in 2005 after being charged with violating the Exchange Control Act.

He skipped bail and fled the country as the state prosecuted him on charges of allegedly externalising £3.7 million, $2.1 million and R15 million.

For the meantime, I do not have the money because I do not work”.

Magistrate Tatenda Sharon Chipanga ordered Muneguma to pay $500 on or before October 31.

Full story Controversial businessman and socialite Wicknell Chivhayo - more popularly known as Sir Wicknell - will pay lobola (bride price) for his beau Sonja Madzikanda this weekend, it has emerged.

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