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Noting that there could be an element of truth in the father's contention, the high court while ordering the custody of Akhila to her parents said, 'We further take note of the fact that Shafin Jahan's mother is already in the Gulf.'He was working in the Gulf and is desirous of going back.'Therefore, left to him, he would have transported Ms Akhila out of the country.'Then it would have become impossible to even trace her out had she been taken out of India.'There are reports of girls taken out of the country after such conversions, having become untraceable.'Denying the arguments of forcible conversion, the woman had told the HC that she came under the influence of Muslim religion, having heard about the teachings of the faith from her hostel roommates while she was studying homeopathy in Tamil Nadu.She had, therefore, attended a course at Satyasarani and had become Muslim by conversion.

Uttar Pradesh Police in September 2014 found no evidence of attempted or forced conversion in five of six reported cases" of love jihad reported to them in past three months.

Police said sporadic cases of trickery by unscrupulous men are not evidence of a broader conspiracy.

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The origin of the word is unknown but attributed to the far-right groups.

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