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Other visible evidence of the region's volcanic history include a number of craters near Mono Lake in the north, and extensive lava fields to the south.

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California’s enduring drought is the proposed culprit behind Hot Creek’s disturbing decline.

Low stream flow leads to a build-up of sediment which blocks the cool, deep holes that big fish use for shelter and obscures the gravel streambeds where fish lay their eggs.

One of only four with active geysers in addition to the more common phenomena of fumaroles, mudpots and hot springs is Long Valley in east California, between Mono Lake and the head of Owens Valley; the main features are found beside Hot Creek, a small drainage flowing for a few miles across flat grassland alongside highway 395 east of the town of Mammoth Lakes.

The US Forest Service-administered Hot Creek Geological Area along the stream contains over a dozen steam vents and bubbling blue pools, some of which occasionally erupt to form a geyser.

Still some bigger fish being caught if your fly has a chance to drift past the thousands of fresh plants.

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