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Instead, their every action is selfless, focused on helping others escape from suffering.

It’s no secret that the two madly love each other and have always had each other’s back.

In the show’s first episode itself we saw the two locking lips and now in second season of ‘Quantico’, an episode features the lovebirds, Priyanka’s Alex and Jake’s Ryan lost in their own private moment as they get intimate.

In India, it is common to find images of Krishna as a babe, getting in trouble, being breast fed, etc.

These are not interpretations of Krishna that we find to be important in Gnosis. Of particular importance to us is that Krishna, as a Master, as a person, is said to be the eighth messenger of Vishnu. Nowadays some people think this word Avatar means something other than what it really means.

There are now many people claiming to be an "Avatar," claiming to be Divine incarnations on Earth, and they deck themselves with jewels and gold and want to be worshipped and followed. The real meaning is "messenger," someone who delivers a message on behalf of God.

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