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Telugu superstar, the inimitable Venkatesh, has been training hard learning the ropes of boxing for nine months now.Reprising the role of Madhavan in the Saala Khadoos Telugu remake Guru, Venkatesh's discipline and dedication has left a lasting impression on the film's director Sudha Kongara.

In the Tamil version, she was a huge Dhanush fan, but here, it will be another big star which is a suspense for now." Sudha is excited about her team for Guru.

"My sound guys Vishnu and Shree, audiographer Suren and Stunts Sam are all the same.

The trailer cut will be again by Deepak Bhojraj and editor Satish Surya is also the same.

Rithika Singh, Mumtaz Sorcar and Nasser reprise their roles.

Nevertheless, he's making every effort to work the way in which I am comfortable and is attending all the reading sessions.

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