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Being on the losing side of that war, Hungary was put on the chopping block by the 1920 Treaty of Trianon in Versailles, France.The borders of new nations were drawn up leaving Hungary a third of its original land and displacing millions of ethnic Hungarians as minorities in foreign countries.Relationships, romantic or otherwise, are not labeled or defined as stringently as in American dating culture.

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I visited Hungary for the first time in 2005 with my Hungarian friend, Anita, and have returned to Magyarország 12 times since marrying her six years ago.

We now run a business together and spend all day side by side. No matter what I write below this line, a Hungarian living somewhere, maybe in Tuvalu, will be pissed off about it.

Therefore (and I think she will agree), I’m highly qualified as a Hungarian Piss-er Off-er. This “Magyar moonshine” is usually made from stone fruits and, while packing a punch, has a smooth fruity finish that warms your insides.

Just about everyone makes it or knows someone who does, each distiller lauding the quality of his batch.

Given the size of Europe and the many different countries that exist within its borders, the dating customs from country to country vary.

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