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Approaching an office girl: Many years ago I took another guys social bootcamp. Cute, Asian, and looking down at her computer at the reception desk. “Hey, I was walking by and couldn’t take my eyes off you.

3) When you see her, say “Hey” and when she answers, throw your observation in 4) Ask her how long she’s been there 5) Say “I’ve got to run, but it’d be great to catch up again for a coffee or something” 6) If she says yes, give her your phone and ask her to put her contact in You saw her working at the local coffee shop, a girl in an office, or while you were grocery shopping.

She was cute, damn cute, but you didn’t know how to ask her out while she’s working.

Click the subtopic in the menu below, and skip ahead for the approach tips you want.

One of my coaching students called it “the hero’s journey”.

Whether it’s for sex, dating or a long term relationship, your basic approach is going to be the same.

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