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When I confronted my leaders on sin that I saw, I was told that it’s not my place to say anything.I eventually went directly to Kip Mc Kean, and do you know what he said?

That my leader is Mexican, and has a different style of teaching, and etiquette, and because he is my leader I need to respect and submit to him.

He knows there are problems in the (*blank*), Region but he’s choosing not to do shit about it! No one will listen to me, it’s like I’m the only one that sees people sleeping around, dressing inappropriately, and being two-faced hypocrites.

Nor did I expect to have so many emails from former Kingdom Kids and ex ICOC members saying “THANK YOU!

As I read through the stories and emails my mom called me “Queen of the Damned” I am a huge Anne Rice fan, so I was flattered, but upon considering what she meant, the title rang true.

If you REALLY thought I was lying, you wouldn’t be afraid of your congregation reading this.

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