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Any other person who is required to register under this Article shall report in person to the appropriate law enforcement agency with whom he or she last registered within one year from the date of last registration and every year thereafter and at such other times at the request of the law enforcement agency not to exceed 4 times a year.If any person required to register under this Article lacks a fixed residence or temporary domicile, he or she must notify, in person, the agency of jurisdiction of his or her last known address within 3 days after ceasing to have a fixed residence and if the offender leaves the last jurisdiction of residence, he or she, must within 3 days after leaving register in person with the new agency of jurisdiction.“The inherent innocence of children is something we should all work to protect,” Chief Parsons said in a news release.

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The law enforcement agency shall, within 3 days of the reporting in person by the person required to register under this Article, notify the Department of State Police of the new place of residence, change in employment, telephone number, cellular telephone number, or school.

If any person required to register under this Article intends to establish a residence or employment outside of the State of Illinois, at least 10 days before establishing that residence or employment, he or she shall report in person to the law enforcement agency with which he or she last registered of his or her out-of-state intended residence or employment.

Sepp after he was sentenced in 2008 for sex crimes against another 12-year-old child in Polk County, Florida.

The Troy victim, now an adult, read about Sepp’s case online and contacted the Troy police in 2014 about what he said allegedly happened between him and Sepp.

Internet offenses such as Internet solicitation, Internet fraud, or possession of child pornography are serious crimes with devastating consequences.

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