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If 25-year-old Swiss-American pickup artist Julien Blanc is indeed the most hated man in the world, it’s partly because he’s given his detractors such a deep well from which to draw evidence of his depravity.

Gurus sell themselves as experts with experience, usually with the same backstories as their would-be followers—stories of heartbreak, loneliness, and social anxiety.

Eric Weber’s 1973 How to Pick Up Girls was the handbook that started it all.

He called his feeds, “obnoxious shit,” “meant to shock.”Blanc’s assistant, Glenn, who says he is living proof of the transformative power of RSD’s teachings (but asked that I not use his last name), was with Blanc during the “choking” incident and said it was taken out of context.

“It’s not like he’s just walking up to a woman and choking her. As for the Tokyo video of Blanc pulling women’s heads into his crotch, Glenn explained, “it was just a night out and he had already had a longer interaction with them. He wasn’t seducing them.”If, as Blanc and his boss argue, these posts and videos are only for promotional purposes, what does that say about the nature of their business and the clients they serve?

“I don’t do this, I don’t teach it,” he told Chris Cuomo.

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