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I think it's interesting because a lot of guys SAY they want a more "modern" woman and will date women like that but when the guy settles down and marries someone, he picks someone who is more on the "traditional" end of the spectrum. I hate cleaning - luckily my husband is a neat freak.

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They are too timid to say, "here I am, and you are not going to make me feel worthless if I decide to take care of my children instead of going out to pursue the almighty dollar" That being said, when my daughter hits full day kindergarten, I would like to work PART TIME only.

Never again will I work full time unless it is economically necessary. Anyway, I am not a man, but if I was in the market for a wife, I'd want one like me.

(Curiously enough, if he did stay home with the kids, a "stay at home dad", HE'D be considered the modern man while a working dad would be traditional.

Hmmmmm..) I work in my home, so that both my husband and I will have more leisure time.

Part of this could be because they work with these types of women so are likely going to be dating a lot of them in their own field, and are thus open to dating other high powered women in different fields.

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