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For example, among foster children (out-of-home care), a history of neglect or emotional abuse was negatively correlated with height-for-age, visual-spatial processing, memory, language and executive function.

” when someone expresses a mean-spirited thought, or “Cheer up! ” when people (often as children) are upset by things out of their control. ” Invalidation allows for a slender thread of accountability or acknowledgement while trying to tell you otherwise, while gaslighting wholesale wants to shut down any difference of opinion.

(which is often) Gaslighting is often a more deliberate manipulation- whether through active manipulation of the environment, denying that they said or did certain things that they absolutely have done. While neither feel good, it may be helpful to parse out the difference between gaslighting and invalidation.

I apologize for the brief interlude, it is summertime and I have been fuzzy-headed and not had brainspan for much besides reading terrible romance novels and staring into middle distance.

Today we’re here to talk about a nuance of emotional abuse that some folks get confused about, because most folks have a limited amount of words with which to talk about these things.

Research Gaps Emotional maltreatment is difficult to document by the child protective services (CPS), as it may not be identifiable as an event, or have clearly identifiable, causal links to the victim’s impaired functioning.

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