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But if you’d rather avoid the scrum for the i Pod Classic, here’s our pick of the best alternatives.

i Pod Touch 64GB: £225, amazon When the i Pod Classic died, the 64GB i Pod Touch became Apple’s biggest devoted music player.

- Add an unlimited number of cameras, no extra fees- Backup/restore, wireless data transfer- i Cloud-enabled, transfers changed app settings instantly to other i OS devices with the same i Cloud account!

(The i Phone 6 with 128GB has the biggest hard drive of Apple’s mobile devices — rumours of an i Pod touch with the same size hard drive haven’t come to much.) The biggest i Pod Touch £249 — more expensive than the i Pod Classic for a smaller size.

But if you’re hooked into the Apple ecosystem, and want a device that can store music locally without buying a phone, this is the best solution left.

For example, the last time I used the app was at home thus it was connected thru the home wifi. Everything was running great on the previous version with my foscam c1 cameras After the most recent update it keeps saying "device offline" if I view a particular camera in full screen and then close the app, when I re-open the app, only that camera shows "device offline" if I completely shut down the app and re-open, that camera will work again until I view it full screen then close the app again. I have this installed on a couple Ipads throughout my house in order to monitor my cameras.

After leaving the house, I turned off the wifi, closed the app. I notice on a first gen Ipad, the app crashes very frequently (more than twice an hour) where my later gen Ipads will sometimes stay up for a day or so, and then the app will crash.

After arriving at a place outside of the house, the device is on 4G, opened the app, then some of the devices failed to connect because it was still trying to connect using local Ip address. Whats interesting is that not all the cameras has the problem, only 1 or 2 of them have the problem. I was trying to use this product to continually monitor cams, but I've found other solutions.

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