Is dr travis stork dating anyone

However, 10 years ago, Stork was looking for love in the City of Light as the star of “I went to dinner with my ER colleagues and a person came up to me from The Bachelor and hung out with our group of ER friends and was buying beverages,” the 43-year-old emergency physician recalls.

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Is dr travis stork dating anyone who is larry fitzgerald dating

Phil.” For example, one doctor being talked about for the new show is Travis Stork, M.

And yes indeed, he is the host of the new show called “The Doctors”.

He addressed many of the women on the panel’s concerns about why they’re still single.

Travis Stork said he was burned out on TV after he starred in “The Bachelor.” When he left the Vanderbilt ER, Stork said he probably wouldn’t ever see him on small screen again.

It was “in your face” facts about dating — from a guy’s perspective.

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