Ive given up dating

It didn’t matter if they were “good guys,” or the famous “not like other guys.” This was too much for me. I started to think about all the things I wanted in the next year. I have so much to accomplish and goals to achieve before, and guys always come in the way. I plan to do this for a year, but who knows maybe I’ll like it so much it will be longer.Usually I would put my aspirations on the back burner. It’s actually a great feeling knowing you control your happiness.

ive given up dating-22

Stop projecting your past onto your present and future.

Just because there was a woman who violated your trust does not mean the random woman sitting next to you will do the same thing.

That girl you foolishly gave up pursuing for no reason may not be around when you finally open your eyes and heart after sleepwalking your life away.

Stop letting your teenage girlfriend dictate your inability to take a chance on anyone in your present.

Our generation has a pretty hard time dating, and one thing I hear constantly is how guys ruin it.

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