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i Owned by the State, except 13,080 gfranted ini847 to j Anson Blake. The second tract included almost all of the town of Columbia.

The first tract, together with the river, sur- rounded all the Burnetsfield lots south of the Mohawk, except the easternmost five, and extended south far enough to take in most of the present towq of German Flats.

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In 1739 three were granted to Lendert Helmer, two to Jacob Glen, three to Archibald Kennedy, three to John Schuyler, jr., three to Arent Brant, and three to Philip Schuyler.

The tract of land involved consisted of 25,076 acres, occupy- ing, in general terms, the eastern part of the town of Herkimer, the southern half of Fairfield, Little Falls north of the river, and the western part of Manheim. In 1738 five of the lots were granted to Patrick Mc Claughry and Andrew Mc Dowell, and eight to James De Lancey, John Lindsay, and Abraham Glen.

Next came Lindsey's purchase, covermg 3,000 acres in oblong form, beginning on the south bank of the Mohawk, a mile and a half below Little Falls, taken by John Lindsey and Philip Livingston in 1730 ; then Van Home's, made in the following year by Abraham Van Home and three others, the tract consisting of 8,000 acres about the Canajoharie castle.

John Jurgh Kast and his son of the same name had each received a thirty-acre lowland and a seventy-acre upland lot, and the family now bought a tract of 1,100 acres on the river in Schuyler, half way between East and West Schuyler villages.

The part of it in Herkimer county lay in the south of Danube and the northwestern part of Stark.

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