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MGTOW Education Men have to seek out MGTOW education and community where they can find it.

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Just as in , the Red Pill enabled those who swallowed it to see the surprising reality behind conventional living and common sense.

MGTOW is opening the eyes of ordinary men to a new, better set of possibilities after seeing the painful truth that men grow up in a hierarchical social order that imposes expectations and directives upon them.

Yet, at 35, she is well past Taiwan's unspoken marriage deadline. “If I can't find a Taiwanese guy that accepts my age, I can find another man somewhere else.” Maybe—but since she still wants children, Ms Hou is also wondering whether to use a sperm bank or ask a male friend to be a sperm donor.

She represents a new world of family life for Asians.

Conservatives in the West are fond of saying that the traditional family is the bedrock of society. The family is the focus of Confucian ethics, which holds that a basic moral principle, (self-improvement), can be pursued only within the confines of the family.

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