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Mollen says her inferiority complex over her husband’s greater stardom led her to another prank: Trying to steal away one of his stalkers who was a Biggs ex.

He drives.” -- “Sometimes I love my husband like when we first met.

Other times I love him like before we first met when I was single & didn’t have to b— him.” -- “Motherhood” (accompanied by a picture of Mollen’s naked breast engorged from nursing).

-- Another post revealed Mollen’s insecurity: It featured a picture of a dozen magazines on a bookstore shelf all folded open to a recent Cosmo article on her.

Naturally, she has an easy explanation for who she is: “The less you care the easier things get,” she says.

As Baz unloaded about how badly she felt she’d been treated by Biggs, Mollen drew closer to her. “My ultimate goal was for her to like me more than him,” she says. “Really, my message to women everywhere is to indulge your inner sociopath,” Mollen concludes.

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