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Even though she didn’t know what she had discovered at that age, she kept it to herself, and continued to give her body pleasure, more and more frequently.

Of course mom caught her ‘doing it’ on more than one occasion (unbeknownst to Jade), but mom thought it was a perfectly normal thing for her daughter to do, and so kept it under her hat. Mom and Jenn were natural blondes, but she had some of her father’s genes. She smiled shyly at her 38 inch perfect C-cup breasts.

Jenna was only six or seven when he never returned. Having model looks would make the current problem temporary for her at best. Their final two years of high school would be completed at an affiliated catholic finishing school.

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Being that she was going to teach Phys Ed, ALSO meant ‘showers’! College too was a blur of activity, so she did not pursue ‘the call of the senses’ there either.

You see, in high school she began to notice her female shower classmates. Nevertheless, a very frustrating experience indeed. Those budding breasts and pubic areas would draw her gaze and tease her senses. Good focus led to good grades, and proper accreditation.

At 5′ 7″ and 105 pounds, her long blonde locks and baby blues were beginning to get her noticed. The first thing that was unusual about this whole family was that their sexual fantasies tended to gravitate towards girls, as much or more, than toward boys.

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