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As many of you know, Derek is away on the 22nd of June until the 9th of July on this years Horse Power tour.

If you didn’t know much about it, here is what the tour is all about along with a map of their planned route for 2017: As a back of the envelope plan, it wasn’t a bad one, just a bit sparse on details.

The task of arranging one tour is gargantuan and takes at least a year, with many people working behind the scenes in the UK and in the local area s with hundreds of hours spent on the task.

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Derek’s philanthropic side then took over and he decided to find a way to use his new hobby to raise money for charities.

So he got on the grapevine and recruited the first few bikers: Josh Slater, John Burford, Jessica Kidd, Caroline Hahn, and they recruited others; in 2010 the first Horsepower CPD set off from Liverpool and rode 1500 miles in one week, visiting all the vet schools (except Dublin, in Eire, who weren’t happy to be left out, so they were first on the list for 2011).

Well, at present he is still a bachelor, he is not married and has no wife yet.

So, he doesn’t have any children and there is no anything called divorce in his life. The renowned entrepreneur has a massive fan following in his social networking accounts, whether that is twitter or Facebook and Instagram.

For those family members who think we the riders were off on a holiday, they were sorely mistaken.

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