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Therefore, as we can see, the term 'good sense of humour' can mean either producing humorous material, or being receptive to the humour produced by others.Which person do you choose, the person who makes you laugh, or the person who laughs at your jokes?They are equally physically attractive, intelligent, interesting, friendly and compassionate.

Therefore being able to produce humour is an indication of intelligence in males, and as such these males may possess better genes at least as far as intelligence is concerned.

Hence females prefer males who can make them laugh, because humorous males may be able to give their offspring superior genetic benefits in terms of intelligence (Miller, 2001).

Additionally, the ability to make someone laugh requires a certain level of social intelligence in terms of appreciating and understanding what someone else does and does not find funny. Heterosexual romantic preferences: The importance of humour and physical attractiveness for different types of relationships.

However, Bressler et al (2006) found that females still chose males who could produce humour over those who could not, even if their humour was unsophisticated, which would not be an indication of intelligence.

Females on the other hand might attract desirable males by being receptive to humorous profile descriptions or humorous messages.

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