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As Brock Samson put it: "These guys like their system, it's what they do; you take that away, and you're looking at a bunch of pissed off nut-bags with ray guns." The Guild not only serves to organize those mentally unstable individuals prone to acts of villainy into an efficient force, but at the same time it also acts as a brake on their more murderous impulses, as well as restricting attacks to Guild-approved targets. The current incarnation of the Guild was apparently founded around 1959 by Phantom Limb's grandfather, but its history can be traced back to the late Victorian era, where it was a heroic organization led by Colonel Lloyd Venture, Rusty Venture's grandfather, dedicated to the protection of an item known as the "ORB", an enigmatic sphere that had been built over the centuries by humanity's greatest individuals. It acts as a sort of supervillain trade union, providing benefits such as health insurance and setting the rules of conduct between its members and their enemies; the Guild acts as a stabilizing influence on the world of super-villainy, as without it they would be unchecked free agents with no rules restricting their behavior. Season six introduces the New York branch of the Guild, which is made up of the most dangerous supervillains the organization has to offer. Like I said before if your a boy just pretend to be a girl.

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The Office of Secret Intelligence is a branch of the United States government that handles supervillain activity, both combatting groups of supervillains or assisting super scientists and superheroes with their Guild of Calamitous Intent-assigned archenemies. The remnants of the original group appear in "Now Museum, Now You Don't", but it is stated they still have some level of presence in the world of organized supervillainy alongside the "Peril Partnership". 20 years ago until its defeat in the Pyramid Wars of 1987.

The Fraternity of Torment is one of a handful of supervillain organizations other than the Guild of Calamitous Intent.

You've lived in the shadows for too long and aim to outshine all the haters in your life.

You've got a wicked sense of humor and never settle for second best.

As a result of "Love Bheits", Ünderbheit is deposed and Ünderland becomes a democratic society.

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