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Obviously, all of this is also heavily influenced by our attraction patterns.Clearly, I am still attracted to the wrong women, those who are not interested in someone like me.

I love having time to myself (which my ex also loved, we were a great, er, match) and I love dating. And given my dates of the past few weeks…all with beautiful, intelligent women who were in no way, er, matches for me…I’ve thought for the first time of entering the strange matrix that is online dating. In the next few weeks, I’ll update this post with my experience. Either comment below or privately message me with anything you’d like to share on the record, but with or without your name, up to you. although it did try and hook me up with my ex saying we were an “exceptional” match. A dear soul that I doubt I would have ever run into the “natural” way.

In the next few years, I do want to have fun, and at some point have a (huge) family (we’re talking dozens of children). So I asked a few of my friends, below, for their experience. I want to put a “mindful snapshot” together asap about the world of online dating, which I know nothing about, in this “modern” era of social media and workaholics. Am: I found one of the greatest loves of my life through online dating.

There’s a level of wanting to stay connected but with that connection certainly comes some serious soul searching to what you can handle while still trying to heal and move on with your life when something is so in your face and at your finger tips (literally).

Adding social media into the mix is such a different animal now and it certainly comes into play when people split.

(Ongoing updates will be posted here) Newly single, I’ve gone on a few dates but want to meet someone…who’s more of a match. It’s mainstream enough, now—in various cities I visit it’s how folks meet one another, really—that I don’t find it embarrassing or desperate. I’m happy to meet folks the old fashioned way—you know, in person—and ask them out. We met and dated and married and he will forever be part of my life and I know he changed me for the better. Sven: I have found online dating in Colorado to be absolutely worthless from the male perspective.

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