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Finally, establishing a set of standard food safety questions that can be compared between future surveys would contribute to a comprehensive baseline against which future food safety interventions could be measured.

The size of superyachts has grown as billionaires compete to own the largest and its builders boast that Azzam, which means dedication in Arabic, is the 'most complex and challenging yacht that has ever been built'.

But it is likely to match the luxury of Abramovich's Eclipse, which features an armour-plated master suite, two swimming pools, two helipads, a hall, a cinema, a mini-submarine and even its own missile defence system.

Understanding consumers' food safety practices is helpful in reducing food-borne illness.

A systematic literature search was conducted to establish a baseline of consumer food safety practices in Canada, identify research gaps and make recommendations for future research.

Kate Moss is celebrating her 10th collection of clothing, and she does it well.

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