Katie leung and robert pattinson dating

But I came away from them thinking that I didn’t feel like a real actor,’ said Katie, who was a pupil at an independent school near her home in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, when her father took her to London for the Potter casting.‘So I said, “Hi, my name is Katie, I’m from Motherwell, and I’ve been in the Harry Potter movies.” At that point someone shouted, “I knew it! ” It was one of those hilarious moments.’ Shortly afterwards, she landed the part of a lifetime – as Jung Chang in Wild Swans.

The story is Chang’s bestselling account of the lives of three generations of Chinese women – and it had a profound effect on Katie, whose divorced parents are of Chinese descent.

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Respecting Robert because actions speak louder than words.

‘I will always be grateful for the opportunity the Harry Potter films gave me.

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Floor 3 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA Robert Pattinson Australia is not affiliated with Robert Pattinson or his management in any way. We respect Robert's right to privacy and do not post intrusive photos or information about his private life. This is from the Asahi Shimbun interview that Robert did with Katie in Osaka, Japan, obviously for the 2005 promotion of Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire.

(This couple is one of Jk Rowling`s Harry Potter couple pairings in the Harry Potter series) Cho Chang falls in love with Cedric Diggory her five year at Hogwarts, while hanging out with Cedric Diggory as boyfriend and Girfriend.

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