Legal dating age in arkansas

Several states also allow the medical use of marijuana with a physician's written recommendation, but each state has its own unique approach to regulation. Arkansas is one of more than 25 states which allows for medical use for certain conditions. and ,000 fine; increased penalty within 1000 ft.

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But for the most part, states do not punish people as severely for marijuana offenses as they do for other drugs, such as heroin or methamphetamines.

Arkansas Marijuana Laws at a Glance Arkansas drug laws allow some discretion by the court, with the possibility for up to one year of incarceration for possession of small amounts.

Wade decision, giving states the right to regulate the procedure.

Additionally, many states require waiting periods, counseling sessions, parental consent, and other requirements.

Abortion remains a highly controversial topic in most states, although it is technically legal throughout the United States.

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