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Other researchers estimate that this number is increasing by 14 percent every year.The quality of Thailand’s doctors and hospitals, low costs and hospitality of the Thai people can make Thailand an ideal destination.

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Recent studies show however, that more and more transgendered people are not willing to suffer remaining in the sex of their birth.

One in 500,000 males and one in 2 million females have sought sex change surgery, according to a research paper, On the Calculation of the Prevalence of Transsexualism, by Femke Oyslager and Lynn Conway, presented to the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) in Chicago.

His office is in a beautiful old building with an indoor courtyard, just above a popular bar in Zagreb.

All the while in the next room, the Kontra girls are shouting on the phone. People are very afraid to come out, and overall the majority is not out in Croatia.

For a woman the procedure is more complex because her uterus, ovaries and vagina are removed.

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