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Until 2013, the Sihlquai area along the river was Zurich’s most popular district for johns in cars.

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The first thing I see that tells me I’m close is the neon—red, green, blue—that illuminates each stall of the long parking garage on my left. ” I ask the one with the honeycomb-streaked peroxide job.

My cabbie drives past what seem like sleazebag Christmas crèches toward a small wooden shed, where two hookers in their 20s stand, hands on hips, cigarettes dangling from shiny, rouged mouths. She does, but when I tell her I’m a reporter, she rolls her eyes and says I can’t talk to her or any of the other women.

In numerous surveys, Zurich has been named the city with the best quality of life in the world and the wealthiest on the continent. “There’s a high demand,” says Michael Herzig, the former Zurich department official who helped develop and open the sex boxes.

“Cities with lots of business and people coming in and out have the highest demand for the sex industry.”Prostitution has been legal in Zurich since 1942, and some 1,200 prostitutes are registered with the city. Prostitution will happen whether it’s legal or not.

The hip Langstrasse district around Zurich’s Town Hall is a strip club hub that used to be known for drugs and prostitution.

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