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As you and Carl Jung suggest, we have the tendency to live in shadows when we are not as able to be authentic and fully integrated, including with our sexuality, and this seems like a problem to me. ”This question is near and dear to my heart – thanks for asking it.

Over the last few years I have spent a lot of time hunting down nuances of an answer.

This was the beginning of the mind/body split and began our long relationship with the body and its desires as depraved.

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In the meantime the church cemented its own split of spirit from body beginning in the 2nd century and running throughout the development of western religion to the present day.

The spirit, like the mind in philosophy and science, was seen as more important, of more value, “of the immortal”, “of God”.

And while it might be tempting to ascribe these numbers to a certain moral loosening in America since the 1960s, research shows that the percentage of Americans engaging in premarital sex has remained constant–at around 95%–since the 1950s.

Like viewers of What has changed since 1950 is the age at which most people in America get married.

In a recent poll of 1,024 Americans adults, nearly one in three said they don’t believe that unmarried people should be having sex at all.

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