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I want her to come to Australia during her semester break as I want her to come visit me.

I plan on spending 10 weeks in Philippines with her this year, would be nice for her to be able to spend some time in my country.

She's from Philippines and I'd like to bring her over during her University break at Christmas.

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On the face of it she'll have snowballs chance of visa on her own with no property or job as she is a student. So while we will apply for a tourist visa, I'd like to hear from anyone who has gotten one for their gf in similar circumstances and what did they send with the application, like letters of invitation etic. When my (now ex) gf did this, all I sent was an email addressed to the embassy she was applying at (Washington DC, not an American Citizen) stating that she would be visiting me over the specific dates, and I was happy to answer any questions they may have re. Included my phone number in there for good measure. If she has health/travel insurance and you write a letter stating that she will be under your care (IE you will cover her living and food costs while she is in country) AND she has a return ticket home, it should be fine.

I believe the $20k savings is a rumour, and only really valid if they don't have any support in country.

If they do go down that path, then you can verify her story (im guessing you will meet her at the airport) As long as you have a stable lifestyle then there shouldnt be an issue I know in at least one country a return ticket is just a tiny part of the whole deal.

They also need to submit evidence of assets, finance situation (while in the country not just for the visit period), a sponsoring letter from someone in Aus, etc.

Hi After any stories from those who have obtained visitor visas for overseas gfs.

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