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Malicious websites and drive-by downloads are just two ways that your security can become compromised by doing nothing more than visiting a website.

Both underpin the necessity of protecting your computer with a strong Internet Security Program. Social media runs a significant portion of people’s social lives.

Safeguards against vulnerabilities and smart security best practices are essential to protecting the connected home from cybercrime.

That’s because your total online security is only as secure as the weakest link in the chain.

When your phone gets hacked, the hack isn’t confined to your phone.

Madware and Spyware Madware is a neologism for mobile adware. With holiday gift-giving going mobile, are you eyeing a new device?

More than half of holiday shoppers plan to purchase a tech accessory this season, with TVs, tablets, and smartphones topping many wishlists.

It spreads, because you probably use your phone on your wireless network and back it up to your computer.

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