Low self esteem and dating

They also looked at the way products are sold and advertised to young girls.The Task Force described sexualization as: "when a person's value comes only from her/his sexual appeal or behavior, to the exclusion of other characteristics, and when a person is sexually objectified, e.g., made into a thing for another's sexual use." The report suggests that the volume of sexualized images has increased as more media content exists over a wider range of accessible technologies, leading to increased exposure and pressure on young girls.

Also, a body of evidence now links sexualization with several of the most common mental health problems in young women and girls: eating disorders, low self -esteem and depression.

And there is also the increased chance that it will impact a girl's ability to develop a healthy sexual self-image.

God absolutely desires to restore our self-understanding by aligning it with the truth of his Word.

We rightly respond to low self-esteem with biblical affirmation.

Spiritually speaking, I define low self-esteem as an inability to see ourselves the way God sees us.

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