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Marianne faithfull dating

At the time of that interview, though barely into her 20s, she'd already been married for three years.

But the marriage was falling apart, not least because she'd been Mick Jagger's girlfriend since 1966. Most people are not very happy." Faithfull made her dalliance with drugs, with drink, with love, look so fabulous. Eventually the addiction took over completely, and she found herself homeless and strung out living on a bomb site in Soho as a down-and-out, relying on handouts of methadone from the NHS.

The result, As Tears Go By, was a whimsical little ballad and it launched Marianne as a star.

She was married to Dunbar by 18 and had her son, Nicholas, soon after. A year later, she was living with Mick Jagger, and had become a sort of mascot of the Sixties; blonde, bohemian, with her plummy English vowels and blue eyes gazing out from behind a thick fringe.

Soon after, a very public fall from grace would change her life forever. Policemen poured into Keith Richards' house where Jagger and Faithful were partying.

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