Men love and marriage dating profile dating agency in dominican republic

I didn’t manage to find a regular job, that’s why I’m doing the housework.

My spouse works at a legal aid office and covers all costs for the housework.

Before marriage they are just in love and not interested in practical issues.

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“We stayed in touch via the Internet and decided to set up a family. Subtleties of choice Analysts of international marriage agency “Love Mage” came to the conclusion, that Americans are the most desirable husbands for Russians, German are second on the popularity chart and Italians – third.

Foreigners, who seek marriage with a Russian woman, usually place some value at their potential mate’s foreign language skills, at the ability to maintain a good mood even in difficult situations and at their neatness and attentiveness.

Arina made acquaintance to German men via dating services in the Internet, however, without success.

“The men I’ve met have been usually older, than they mentioned in their profile.

According to the agency, in the mid 1990’s there has been a huge trend abroad for looking for Russian wives, after the USSR has fallen apart and the so-called “Iron Curtain” has been lifted.

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