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A fifteenth member joins the company of Thorin Oakenshield.She is a well-trained, experienced warrior dwarf, the adopted daughter of Thror's General and Dwalin's perfect match.

And nothing’s sexier than a partner who soothes you during a particular bad bout of PMS. Who finds their cycle influences your desire for sex? Some people find their desire is higher because they’re less afraid of accidental pregnancy. In our Twitter party, many menstruators reported feeling most aroused the week leading up to their periods or when they were ovulating. Do any of you feel any pressure to suppress periods (if that’s not what you’d want, ideally), especially when it comes to sex?

Most of us have skipped periods using hormonal birth control at least once, particularly when we were younger.

She is a queer, 16 year comics industry veteran, wife, and cat mom in Portland, Oregon.

Be sure to check out her comic review of the Moon Cup and Glad Rags Pantyliners! She’s also an activist, writer, artist, teacher and community organizer.

When the Criss family moves to Derry, Vicky Criss dies so Vic can start living. Vic Centric Henry/Vic Slow burn Angst  Fluff  More Angst  Smut  Even More Angst Playing fast and loose with the canon The war is won, the First Order are victorious.

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