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Spurred on by tremendous need and generosity of the community, the A. By the 1950’s the center was a huge enterprise, serving hundreds of men each year from a location at 1220 West Lafayette Boulevard. In 2004, The Salvation Army made the commitment to keep the A. Completed in January 2007, the 355,000 square foot facility accommodates 300 beneficiaries and incorporates state-of-the-art technology for food service, donation process, store operations, work training and more.

Among the programs offered in the center included shoe repair, mattress production, appliance reconditioning and material recycling. In 2009, the SEMI ARC started steps to provide a 50 bed Woman's Program originally planned to be in Detroit near the SEMI ARC.

Such laws also provide penalties for abuse by falsifying emergency situations.

In May 1955, a Rhinebeck, New York woman was indicted by a grand jury after her refusal to relinquish a party line delayed a volunteer firefighter's effort to report a grass fire; the fire destroyed a shed and a barn.

As a prerequisite for employment, staff can also be asked to submit to drug and alcohol testing on a random basis.

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