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Two ambulances come and take the man and his son to different hospitals. Tin Cup begins bouncing a ball on the face of his wedge.

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You're a smart woman, for Chrissakes -- don't you know the work of charlatans when you see it?

TIN CUP 'Fuck...' 'Shit...' these are highly technical golf terms and you're using them on your first lesson -- this is promising. Tin Cup takes the club from Molly, motions for her to step back, tees up a ball, and rockets a drive into the night. He hands her back the club and tees up another ball.

The critical opening phrase of this song is the grip, in which the hands unite to form a single unit by the simple overlap of the smallest finger...

TIN CUP (CONT'D) Sometimes a love sonnet and sometimes a Homerian epic -- it is organic and of a piece, yet it breaks down into elegant stanzas and quatrains. Tempo is everything, perfection unobtainable, as the body coils, now to the top of the swing, in profound equilibrium.

MOLLY You might try being saddled sometime -- the smell of leather, the sting of a whip... TIN CUP (slightly taken aback) I'm just a humble golf pro...

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