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As an added benefit, these practices help me get to know myself better.

How will you work out what factors are affecting you and what you can do about it them you don’t have the time to make sense of them?

While you don't have to do anything special to enter a state of mindfulness, planning a date that facilitates mindful awareness can lead to a relaxing and fun time.

The research, conducted by a team of Australian scientists, revealed that women tend to be more attracted to men who are high in mindfulness.

Being mindful means trying to engage your attention and keep it in the present moment.

Doing so can prove to be an advantage when you see that your date is wearing white socks with brown dress shoes.

When you put judgement on hold and strive to be fully present, you can get past superficial differences and get to know who the person truly is.

I didn’t end up enjoying their company and I wasn’t even able to get to know them because I was too busy imagining the hypothetical future.

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